The fun and appealing Tomte ceramic pendants are based on the popular Scandinavian mythological gnome characters.

The Tomte or Nisse is a well-known Scandinavian mythological character meaning ‘homestead man.’ They are believed to be responsible for the protection and welfare of farms and their buildings, bringing good luck and prosperity. Over time and with the rapid growth of civilization, the magical dwarves moved into people’s houses and apartments, guarded the dwelling and protected its owners. They often come to people to help, especially in response to kindness and self-respect.

A Tomte can also be a prankster, causing mischief if they are not given the respect they deserve; rudeness, laziness or not taking proper care of animals are all things which can displease a Tomte. They are especially offended if they are not given their porridge with butter on Christmas Eve!

These handmade Tomtes are a wonderful addition to your home, especially throughout Autumn/Winter and Christmas time.

The Tomtes measure 90mm x 50mm x 8mm and come with a satin ribbon attached so they are ready to hang up.

Each Tomte ceramic pendant will come in a beautifully packaged Suzie Jasper gift box.

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Erik, Magnus, Olaf