David Smith


When I first viewed the finished sculpture I was astounded as to how much she had captured, and they are like two peas in a pod. I am still staggered even to this day as I pat my Saffy sculpture on the head as I walk past.

Christine Hounslow and Peter Rosenfeld

Beau and Purdy

Every time I walk into the lounge I think I have two extra dogs and they make me smile and I love them, and they will be with me for ever, which is wonderful.

Jane Harris


We are so pleased we followed our intuition and asked Suzie to make the sculpture. It was a joy to work with her and we have exactly what we had hoped for, Rosie looking longingly at us willing us to give her attention, just like the real one for sure.

Serena Edwards


We would very much recommend Suzie to anyone who wishes to have a long lasting memory of their beloved pet.

Mel Mead


It was a surprisingly emotional when I first saw the sculpture as she had captured so perfectly his personality and expression - I couldn't believe it was possible to make something so lifelike and personal out of clay!

Linda Roberts


Thank you so much Suzie. You have captured his soul in clay.

Stella Cantor


We found the whole process very enjoyable … we are delighted with the finished result, and I would recommend the whole experience to anyone who loves their dog.

Jim and Gail Ashworth


The finished sculpture really captures Harry’s personality, the way he cocks his head and the look in his eyes. We cannot thank Suzie enough for capturing his likeness and immortalising Harry.